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After you write your book, get an agent and get it published, then (if your agent didn't sell it to some big, bullshit publisher with a heavy-duty hype department, in which case you do whatever dumb-ass thing they tell you to do), you have to somehow get someone to read the sucker...and review it. That's close to impossible. The pages with this notification have thousands of media boys and girls listed, one of whom may hype your book. They have to justify their existence somehow, right? G.

July 3, 2023

"On or before July 14, 2023" the host of my website is bagging it for lots of exquisite reasons. So am I. You can see the last 20 years or so here: (stick in the box).

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(B/HI Impact)

Amanda Lundberg

Tom Piechura

Susan Ciccone

Annalee Paulo

Scott Feinstein

Stephanie Durning

Greg Cortez

Hilda Somarriba

Diana Peters

Susie Arons

Whitney Tancred

B/HI Impact

Shawna Lynch

Jerry Griffin

Jonah Keel

Nicole Yavasile

NY, etc.

(Rogers & Cowan PMK)

Philippe Krakowsky

Simon Bond

Richard J. Haray

Ellen T. Johnson

Jerome J. Leshne

Barry R. Linsky

Terry Peigh

Peter Leinroth

Tom Cunningham

Ken Goffreda

Tommy San George

Patrice Montgomery

Kathleen Graham

Rogers & Cowan PMK
LA, NY, London

Mark Owens

Cindi Berger

Alan Nierob

Shirley Hughes

Emily Place

Jessica Sciacchitano

Macayla Baer

Stephen Macias

Killian Lewis

Alex Walker

Alisa Granz

Tracy Cole

Lori Lousararian-Hakola

Michael Nyman

Chris Robichaud

Brad Cafarelli

Monica Chun

Scott Floyd

Danica Smith

Nicole Perez-Krueger

Rebecca Waits

Brit Reece

Joy Fehily

Michael Donkis

Meghan Prophet

Catherine Olim

Erica Gerard

Kristen Foster

Stephanie Gabriel

Jamie Bertel

Deborah Kim

Jennifer Abel

Hallie Sawyer

Christina Canseco

Steve Doctrow

Fran Curtis

Maureen O'Connor

Eileen Thompson

Sallie Olmsted

Wendy Zaas

Lesley Burbridge

Sandy Friedman

Karina St. Jean

Danielle Thur

Arnold Robinson

The Lede Company

Amanda Silverman

Sarah Rothman

Meredith O'Sullivan Wasson

Christine Su

Cara Hutchison

Emma Parker

Viveca Ortiz-Torres

Chelsea Thomas

Jordan Potter

Kate Rosen

Samantha Brensilber

Emma Eales

Courtni Asbury

Anna Ballera

Amanda Bello

Slate Public Relations

Stephen Huvane

Simon Halls

Robin Baum

Ina Treciokas

Andy Gelb

Shawn Purdy

Lindsey Maguire

Scott Newman

Rachael Trager

Chelsea Hayes

Brooke Fine

Sydney Narvaez

Julia Rossen

Kami Davis

ID Public Relations

Kelly Bush Novak

Mara Buxbaum

Michael Braun

Maria Caserio

Rebecca Sides Capellan

Sheri Goldberg

Harlan Gulko

Noelle Jaycox

Rachel Karten

Molly Kawachi

Claire Kelleher

Lindsay Krug

Bebe Lerner

Lori Lober

Alla Plotkin

Jillian Roscoe

Sara Serlen

Michael Smith

Rhett Usry

Court Barrett

Kara Danner

Katie Altman

Scott Braun

Adryan Dillon

Lauren Felsenstein

Bobby Hammelman

Taylor Johnson

Lindsey Langweiler

Julie Merin

Patrick O'Neil

Felicia Pollack

Kayla Reuben

Brianna Smith

Andrea Sumpter

Lydia You

Sunshine Sachs Morgan & Lylis

Ken Sunshine

Shawn Sachs

Keleigh Thomas Morgan

Heather Lylis

Lauren Kristine Mitte

Jacklyn Rutigliano

Claire Tonneson

Alexandra Barnett

Adam Gibbs

Blaec Kalweit

Naomi Zinner

Andrew Stein

Chelsea Sanders

Ethan Rabin

Lauren Finkelstein

Christine Coppinger Whalen

Matthew Pennacchio

Alejandro Grau

Brooke Blumberg

Gabrielle M. Lee

Anthi Pantelidis

Christopher Bastardi

Marlo Brooks

Yonat Azaria

Jake Glickman

Tatum Dahl

Courtney Stemmer

Danielle Mahar

Melanie Hunter

Lauren Seewald

Amanda Calhoun

Michelle Kushner

Lydia Barry

Alicia Durand

Samantha Karny

Steve Moreau

Emily Lewis

Charlotte Mabry

Ryan Chin

Samantha Prete

Felicia Shand

Lindsay Corley

Avanti Peters

Ali Matlin

Marisa Van Brunt

Gab Lee

Dani Dalesandro

Abi O'Donnell

Melissa Raubvogel

Nicole Perna

Dominique Appel

Jennifer Sims

Brett Ruttenberg

Maria Candida

Lindsey Faig

Emily Rennert

Allison Douglas

Range Media Partners

Dave Bugliari

Mackenzie Condon Roussos

Rich Cook

Michael Cooper

Susie Fox

Sandra Kang

Rachel Kropa

Chelsea McKinnies

Peter Micelli

Lucinda Moorhead

Mick Sullivan

Jack Whigham

Byron Wetzel

Kian Mirnezam

Jenna Sarkin

Caroline Marques

Tyler Henry

Heather Murray

Michael Kagan

Rachel Douglas

Gregory L. Johnson

Stephanie Marks

Andrew Weiss

Kai Gayoso

Jen Trofa

Laura Reddy

Austin Lantero

Paige Wandling

Matt Graham

Tanya Cohen

Denise Draper

Linnea Rachlin

Michele Harrison

Zak Takowsky

Kovert Creative

Lewis Kay

Joseph Assad

Annie Nathan

Carly Morgan

David Hail

Stephanie Alperin

Joanna Cichocki

Jonathan Kichaven

Tess Speakman

Jennifer Green Kearney

Rebecca Assing

Alauna Wilson

Beatrice Fingerhut

Victoria Lada

Adam Bramson

Emily Vespa

Eden Solomon

Cesidia Carosa

Tucker Nesbitt

Jill Fritzo Public Relations

Jill Fritzo

Michael Geiser

Charlie Roina

Stephen Fertelmes

Kyla Chalmers

Narrative PR

Heidi Lopata

Liz Mahoney

Megan Moss Pachon

Bryna Rifkin

Amanda Dykema

Chase Lehner

Matt Haberman

Sloane Kessler

Celena Madlansacay

Rhett Usry

Vision PR

Leslie Sloane

Jami Kandel

Jessica Pierson

Jeffrey Chassen

Meg Murphy

Gina Hoffman

Shelter PR

Marla Farrell

Cara Tripicchio

Christine Tripicchio

Jenny Tversky

Lauren Gold

Jessica Sze

Darrell Borquez

Jennifer Allen

Ruth Bernstein

Melissa Fonzino

Haley Hileman

Melissa Kates

Haley Urman

Lindsey Ludwig

Samantha Hill

Bria Schreiber

Amita Malani

Nicki Fioravante

Cassandra Quarto

Andrea Braff

Relevant PR

Evelyn Karamanos

Nicole Caruso

Jessica Kolstad

Alex Kahn

MPRM Communications

Mark Pogachefsky

Sylvia Desrochers

Caitlin McGee

Natalie Yallouz

Lisa Bustamante

Jacki StThomas

Tiffany Wagner

Ryan Bender

Lauren Covey

Caitlin Jaynes

Alexandra Smith

Cydney Schiller Prentice

Brooke Metayer

Kimberly Gutierrez

Principal Communications Group

Hans Dieter Kopal

Jessica Braslow

Sheana Knighton

Paul Pflug

The Right Now

Eric Green

George Cabico

Sunny Jenkins

Wally Hasselbring

Britt Joe

Independent PR

Jodi Gottlieb

Finn Partners

Noah Finn

Peter Finn

Dena Merriam

Daniel Pooley

Mark Singer

David Hahn, Books

Howard Solomon

Scott Widmeyer

Alicia Young


Dan Klores, CEO

Sean Cassidy, President

John Marino

Matthew Traub

Joe DePlasco

Jeff Klein

Ed Tagliaferri

Sebastian Moreira

Liz D. Anklow

Bruce Bobbins

Dave Donovan

Juliet Horn

Robert Leonard

Rachel Carr

Molly Currey

Brian Moriarty

Karen Silberg

Aliza Rabinoff

Eva Ross

Michelle Cox

Damian Irizarry

Michael Paluszek

Chris Canning

Dusty Bennett

Don Hoffman

Anna Feiner

Brittany Smith

Mariah Hurst

Nikki Liberatore

Wendy Zaas

Jordan Lawrence

Michael Giardina

Andrew Rhodes

Marley Gerber

Julia Cipriano

Amanda Penna

Ivy Mollenkamp

Beth Mellow

Brittany Smith

Michelle Ruth


Steven Rubenstein

Iva Benson

Kristen Bothwell

Florin Cimpean

Katy Feinberg

Peter Foley

Chris Giglio

Nancy Haberman

Suzanne Hallberg

Suzanne Halpin

Talia Inbar

Amy Jacobs

Jamie Joyce

Annette Juriaco

Justina Lombardo

Tali Mackay

Alice McGillion

Caragh McKenna

Alexandra Merceron

Steve Murray

Jeff Mutterperl

Kathy O'Brien

Bud Perrone

Peter Pochna

Chris Policano

Stefan Prelog

Debbie Raskin

Mittie Rooney

Carolyn Sargent

Carolyn Spungin

Alex Stockham

Christina Stokes

Tim Stone

Bryce Tom

Christine Velasco Falvo

Rhonda Walker

Kate Blumm

Jennifer Young

Charles Zehren

Hiltzik Strategies

Matthew Hiltzik, CEO

Meghan Miele

Elizabeth Knight

Melissa Stavenhagen

Jeremy Watkins

Hannah Palacios

Josh Kun

Linda Lipman

Isis Ossebi

Madeleine Weast

Small Girls PR

Bianca Caampued

Mallory Blair

David Bosses

Erica Mayyasi

Rod Bastanmehr

Chelsea Addy

Goodman Media

Tom Goodman

Sabrina Strauss

Liane Ramirez Swierk

Maryellen Mooney

Edwige Buteau

John Lee

Keith Sherman & Associates

Keith Sherman

Logan Metzler

Brett Oberman

Scott Klein

Janice Roland

Shannon Treusch

Steve Beeman

Bateman Agency

Fred Bateman

Tara Klein

Elissa Ehrlich

Jenny Olson

Frank Publicity

Clare Anne Darragh

Stephanie Davidson

Lina Plath

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