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July 3, 2023

"On or before July 14, 2023" the host of my website is bagging it for lots of exquisite reasons. So am I. You can see the last 20 years or so here: (stick in the box).

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Note: None of the emails I sent to HarperCollins bounced. That means they're screwing with the emails I send the assholes at Google. They probably stuck all my beautiful emails, unread, into a spam folder. Oh, well. Heaven forfend that anyone at HarperCollins should ever read anything worth reading. I'm sure most of HC's email addresses are valid (i.e., your emails will work) but I know that some aren't. That's why I send them all an email, to see who's there and who's not. And who's naughty. And who's nice. At HarperCollins and Google, they're ALL naughty. Even the nice ones. The last thing I've ever sent anyone is "spam." Read it and see. Sheesh. G.


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