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July 3, 2023

"On or before July 14, 2023" the host of my website is bagging it for lots of exquisite reasons. So am I. You can see the last 20 years or so here: (stick in the box).

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Gerard Jones

Strachan Literary Agency

Laura Strachan

Marisa Zeppieri

Bankoff Collaborative

Lisa Bankoff

Steve Ross

Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency

Meredith Bernstein

Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency

Lukas Ortiz

Kim Lombardini

Judith Ehrlich Literary Management

Judith Ehrlich

Hill Nadell Literary Agency

Bonnie Nadell

Dara Hyde

Lauren Christiansen

Taylor Schaefer

Elizabeth Wood

Sarah Lazin Books

Sarah Lazin

Julia Conrad

Watkins/Loomis Agency

Gloria Loomis

Julia Masnick

Bennett Literary

Tina Bennett

Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

Sandra Dijkstra

Elise Capron

Jill Marr

Thao Le

Andrea Cavallaro

Jessica Watterson

Suzy Evans

Jennifer Kim

Jill Grinberg Literary Management

Jill Grinberg

Cheryl Pientka

Katelyn Detweiler

Sophia Seidner

Denise Page

Sam Farkas

Larissa Melo Pienkowski

Jessica Saint Jean

Evan Goldfried

Diana Finch

Mary Evans, Inc.

Mary Evans

Julia Kardon

Tom Mackay

Denise Shannon Literary Agency

Denise Shannon

Carol Mann

Joanne Wyckoff

Gareth Esersky

Dani Segelbaum

Mikaela Bender

Maria Carvainis Agency

Maria Carvainis

Elizabeth Copps

Publication Riot Group

Donna Bagdasarian

Linda Chester and Associates

Linda Chester

Laurie Fox

Gary Jaffe

Darlene Chan

Michelle Conway

Wm. Clark Associates

William Clark

Nancy Yost Literary

Nancy Yost

Natanya Wheeler

Sarah E. Younger

Cheryl Pientka

Christina Miller

Ayesha Pande Literary

Ayesha Pande

Anjali Singh

Serene Hakim

Madison Smartt Bell

Annie Hwang

Kayla Lightner

Luba Ostashevsky

Lowenstein Associates

Barbara Lowenstein

Emily Gref

Mary South

Ronald Gerber

Don Congdon Associates

Susan Ramer

Cristina Concepcion

Michael Congdon

Katie Grimm

Katie Kotchman

Maura Kye-Casella

Felicia Eth Literary Representation

Felicia Eth

Frances Collin Literary Agency

Frances Collin

Sarah Yake

Laura Dail Literary Agency

Laura Dail

Elana Roth Parker

Carrie Pestritto

Katie Gisondi

Trellis Literary Management

Michelle Brower

Stephanie Delman

Allison Hunter

Allison Malecha

Mariah Stovall

Dana Murphy

Danya Kukafka

Natalie Edwards

Khalid McCalla

Cynthia Cannell Literary

Cynthia Cannell

Ted Weinstein Literary Management

Ted Weinstein

Chris Calhoun Agency

Chris Calhoun

Danielle Lanzet

Chalberg & Sussman

Terra Chalberg

Rachel Sussman

Lana Popovic

Rees Literary Agency

Lorin Rees

Ann Collette

Rebecca Podos

Kelly Peterson

Taj McCoy

Wayne S. Kabak

Frances Goldin Literary Agency

Sam Stoloff

Matt McGowan

Ellen Geiger

Ria Julien

Caroline Eisenmann

Roz Foster

Jade Wong-Baxter

Sulamita Garbuz

Ayla Zuraw-Friedland

Alison Lewis

Sarah Jane Freymann Literary

Sarah Jane Freymann

Steven Schwartz

Katharine Sands

Jessica Sinsheimer

The Robbins Office

Kathy Robbins

David Halpern

Katie Hut

Janet Oshiro

Tessler Literary Agency

Michelle Tessler

Kimberly Cameron & Associates

Kimberley Cameron

Pooja Menon

Mary C. Moore

Elizabeth Kracht

Amy Cloughley

Douglas Lee

Lisa Abellera

Dorian Maffei

Waxman Literary Agency

Scott Waxman

Susan Canavan

Ashley Lopez

Perry Levitch

Mackenzie Wolf

Gillian MacKenzie

Kirsten Wolf

Kate Johnson

Rach Crawford

Leigh Eisenman

Elizabeth Rudnick

Renee Jarvis

Larry Weissman Literary

Larry Weissman

Peter McGuigan

Kirsten Neuhaus

Yfat Reiss Gendell

Peter Steinberg

Ethan Ellenberg Agency

Ethan Ellenberg

Evan Gregory

Bibi Lewis

Ezra Ellenberg

James Fitzgerald Agency

Jim Fitzgerald

Anna Tatelman

Lydia Wills

The Axelrod Agency

Steven Axelrod

Lori Antonson

Betsy Amster Literary

Betsy Amster

Wendy Schmalz Agency

Wendy Schmalz

Susan Bergholz Literary

Susan Bergholz

Dominick Abel Literary

Dominick Abel

Claire Roberts Global

Claire Roberts

Leigh Feldman Literary

Leigh Feldman

Carrie Hannigan

Josh Getzler

Soumeya Roberts

Julia Kardon

Victoria Wells Arms

Brianne Johnson

Jon Cobb

Ellen Goff

Hannah Popal

Anna Ghosh

Chase Literary Agency

Farley Chase

Wendy Sherman Associates

Wendy Sherman

Cherise Fisher

Laura Mazer

Callie Deitrick

Jason Yarn Literary Agency

Jason Yarn

Jud Laghi

LoTurco Literary

William LoTurco

Lotus Lane Literary

Priya Doraswamy

Jennifer Azantian Literary Agency

Jennifer Azantian

Masha Gunic

Amanda Rutter

Renae Moore

Keir Alekseii

Shannon Lechon

The Williams Company

Amy Williams

Helm Literary

Jess Regel

Salky Literary Management

Jesseca Salky

Eryn Kalavsky

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