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July 3, 2023

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Gerard Jones

Zoe Pagnamenta Agency

Zoe Pagnamenta

Jess Hoare

Alison Lewis

The Stuart Agency

Andrew Stuart

Paul Starobin

Doug Abrams

Rachel Neumann

Sarah Rainone

Janelle Julian

Sylvie Rabineau

Elizabeth Wachtel

Lara Love Hardin

The Rohm Literary Agency

Wendy Rohm

Margaret Taylor

The Karpfinger Agency

Barney Karpfinger

Kate Garrick

Bookends Literary

Jessica Faust

Kim Lionetti

Emily Forney

Moe Ferrara

Rachel Brooks

Naomi Davis

Amanda Jain

James McGowan

Ramona Pina

Rob Weisbach Management

Rob Weisbach

Erin L. Cox

David Groff

Richard Florest

Anderson Literary Agency

Giles Anderson

The Seymour Agency

Mary Sue Seymour

Nicole Resciniti

Julie Gwinn

Jennifer Wills

Marisa Cleveland

Lesley Sabga

Tina Wainscott

Lynnette Novak

Joyce Sweeney

Elisa Houot

Jonathan Rosen

Cole Lanahan

Hansen Literary

Judith Hansen

E. J. McCarthy Agency


E. J. McCarthy

Beth Vesel Literary Agency

Beth Vesel

Greta Moran

Callie Deitrick

Bond Literary Agency

Sandra Bond

Becky LeJeune

The Tobias Literary Agency

Albert Tobias

Lane Heymont

Ann Rose

Kelly Dyksterhouse

Eric C. Jones

Natascha Morris

Sarah N. Fisk

Stefanie Rossitto

Joanna Pulcini Literary

Joanna Pulcini

Aram Fox Literary Scouts

Aram Fox

Haley Swanson

Talbot Fortune Agency

Gail Fortune

John Talbot

Cornerstone Literary Agency

Helen Breitwieser

Jane Starr Literary Scout

Jane Starr

Sobel Weber Associates

Nat Sobel

Judith Weber

Adia Wright

Isabelle Fang

Jackie Merri Meyer

Aria Gmitter

Natasha Kern Literary Agency

Natasha Kern

Nancy Stauffer Associates

Nancy Stauffer Cahoon

Kleinworks Agency

Judy Klein

Bob Arnold

Karen Zahler

Bettina Schrewe Literary Scouting

Bettina Schrewe

Alexandra Heimann

Norah Murphy

Kaye Baginsky

3 Seas Literary Agency

Michelle Grajkowski

Cori Deyoe

Linda Scalissi

Mendel Media Group

Scott Andrew Mendel

Julie Hill

Elizabeth Kaplan Literary

Elizabeth Kaplan

Anna Olswanger Literary

Anna Olswanger

Kimberly Fernando

Jared Johnson

Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency

Jack Byrne

The Kepner Agency

Chris Kepner

The Martell Agency

Alice Martell

The Peter Beren Agency

Peter Beren

Suzy Evans Literary Agency

Suzy Evans

The Ahearn Agency

Pamela Ahearn

The Plains Agency

Christi Cardenas

Sam Roen

The Purcell Agency

Tina P. Schwartz

Bonnie Swanson

Catherine Hedrick Armstrong

Stephanie Tade Agency

Stephanie Tade

Colleen Martell

Ericka T. Phillips

Ginger Clark Literary

Ginger Clark

Nicole Eisenbraun

Nordlyset Literary Agency

Isabelle Bleecker

Jennifer Thompson

Nathan Vogt

Book Wyrm Literary Agency

Sandy Lu

Speilburg Literary Agency

Alice Speilburg

Eva Scalzo

Lindsey Smith

Saint Gibson

Sera Rivers

Dunham Literary

Jenny Dunham

Bridget Smith

Anjanette Barr

Leslie Zampetti, Kid Stuff

Gina Maccoby Literary

Gina Maccoby

The Fischer-Harbage Agency

Ryan D. Harbage

Harold Matson Company

Jonathan Matson

Books & Such Literary Agency

Mary DeMuth

Rachel Kent

Janet Kobobel Grant

Wendy Lawton

Barb Roose

Cynthia Ruchti

Debbie Alsdorf

Mews Books

Sidney Kramer

DH Literary

David Hendin

Triada U.S. Literary Agency

Uwe Stender

Laura Crockett

Brent Taylor

Mallory C. Brown

Lauren Spieller

Amelia Appel

The Weingel-Fidel Agency

Loretta Weingel-Fidel

JET Literary Associates

Elizabeth Trupin-Pulli

Jim Trupin

Literary Artists Representatives

Samuel Fleishman

Dee Mura Enterprises

Dee Mura

Kaylee Davis

Kimiko Nakamura

Next Level Literary

JL Stermer

True Literary

Lara Love Hardin

Diana Fox

Isabel Kaufman

Alive Communications

Bryan Norman

Lisa Jackson

Kathleen Kerr

Rachel Jacobson

Allen O'Shea Literary Agency

Coleen O'Shea

Marilyn Allen

Fairbank Literary Representation

Sorche Elizabeth Fairbank

Matt Frederick

Pimlico Agency

Kay McCauley

JABberwocky Literary Agency

Joshua Bilmes

Eddie Schneider

Lisa Rodgers

Bridget Smith

Susan Velazquez Colmant

Christy Admiraal

Brady McReynolds

Valentina Sainato

James Farner

Christina Zobel

Cassandra Perez

Paul S. Levine Literary Agency

Paul Levine

Sandra Choron

Harry Choron

John W. Wright, Literary Agent

John W. Wright

The Amy Rennert Agency

Amy Rennert

Louise Kollenbaum

Headwater Literary Management

Erik Hane

Laura Zats

Amy Hughes Agency

Amy Hughes

Andrea Hurst Literary Management

Andrea Hurst

April Eberhardt Literary

April Eberbardt

Carnicelli Literary Management

Matthew Carnicelli

Daniel Literary Group

Greg Daniel

Toni Lopopolo Literary

Toni Lopopolo

Crichton & Associates

Sha-Shana Crichton

Nancy Ellis Literary Agency

Nancy Ellis

Gyroscope Literary

Stephen Everett

Caren Johnson Books

Caren Johnson

Michael Kalisk

Elisabeth Dabney Literary

Elisabeth Dabney

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