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July 3, 2023

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Gerard Jones

Jeff Gerecke

Irene Goodman Literary Agency

Irene Goodman

Miriam Kriss

Barbara Poelle

Victoria Marini

Kim Perel

Whitney Ross

Pam Gruber

Natalie Lakosil

Lee O'Brien

Margaret Danko

Sydnie Thornton

Antoinette Sluytman

Fifi Oscard Agency

Fifi Oscard

Peter Sawyer

Jerome Rudes

Francis Del Duca

The Fielding Agency

Whitney Lee

Andrea Barzvi

Sandy Hodgman

The Grosvenor Literary Agency

Deborah Grosvenor

Charlotte Gusay Agency

Charlotte Gusay

Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency

Jennifer Lyons

Jeff Ourvan

Pamela Malpas

Jessica Felleman

Heather Schroder

Mildred Marmur Associates

Mildred Marmur

Emilie Stewart Literary Agency

Emilie Stewart

The Carr Agency

Sylvie Carr

The Lark Group

Abby Saul

Copps Literary Services

Elizabeth Copps

Chelsey Emmelhainz

Maeve MacLysaght

Ladderbird Literary Agency

Beth Marshea

Leah Pierre

Stefanie Molina

Allegra Martschenko

Annalise Errico

Anne Edelstein Literary Agency

Anne Edelstein

Cine/Lit Representation

Mary Alice Kier

Kathi J. Paton Literary Agency

Kathi J. Paton

Brower Literary & Management

Kimberly Brower

Jess Dallow

Aimee Ashcraft

Anna Atoria

Victoria Hendersen

Joy Kozu

Jen Bailey

Capital Talent Agency

Roger Yoerges

Ralph Cooper

Cynthia Segraves

Michelle Muntifering

Shaheen Qureshi

Rebecca Friedman Literary

Rebecca Friedman

Kimberly Brower

Rachel Marks

Brandie Coonis

Susan Finesman

Juliana McBride

Kevan Lyon

Jill Marsal

Deborah Ritchken

Shannon Hassan

Patricia Nelson

Corvisiero Literary Agency

Marisa Corvisiero

Rudy Cecera

Tessa Shaffer

Maggie Sadler

Emma Konn

Kendyll Drilling

Great Dog Literary

Liz Nealon

Anissa Dorsey

Mona Kanin

Ismita Hussain

Arc Literary Management

Myrsini Stephanides

Iris Blasi

Agnes Carlowicz

Maile Beal

Kate Davids

Wolf Literary Services

Kirsten Wolf

Kate Johnson

Laura Southern

Talcott Notch Literary

Gina Panettieri

Paula Munier

Saba Sulaiman

Alison J. Picard, Literary Agent

Alison Picard

The McCarthy Agency

Shawna McCarthy

The Peter Lampack Agency

Andrew Lampack

Rema Dilanyan

Bleecker Street Associates

Agnes Birnbaum

Creative Book Services

Bob Mecoy

Patricia Moosbrugger Literary

Patricia Moosbrugger

Context Literary

Tamar Rydzinski

Jessica Sinsheimer

Monica Rodriguez

The Doe Coover Agency

Doe Coover

Colleen Mohyde

Kathryn Green Literary Agency

Kathryn Green

Barbara Tolley Associates

Barbara Tolley

Jennifer Letwack

Regina Ryan Books

Regina Ryan

Spencerhill Associates

Karen Solem

Nalini Akolekar

Amanda Leuck

Sandy Harding

Ali Herring

Hornfischer Literary Management

Jim Hornfischer

D4EO Literary Agency

Mariah Nichols

Vanessa Campos

Fuse Literary

Laurie McLean

Gordon Warnock

Connor Goldsmith

Tricia Skinner

Michelle Richter

Carlisle Webber

Ernie Chiara

Karly Dizon

Literary and Creative Artists

Muriel Nellis

Stephen Pevner

Benjamin Ickies

The Schisgal Agency

Zachery Schisgal

Jonah Straus

Alec Yoshio MacDonald

Emily Sylvan Kim

Rachel Orr

Davey Literary & Media

Beth Davey

Claire Gerus Literary Agency

Claire Gerus

Simenauer & Green Literary Agency

Carol Green

Jacqueline Simenauer

The Booker Albert Agency

Brittany Booker Carter

Jordy Albert

Abigail Varnado

The Leshne Agency

Lisa Leshne

Samantha Morrice

Yvette Greenwald

Christine J. Lee

Drift(less) Literary

Jaclyn Gilbert

Halley Dunne Parry

Adrian Shirk

Lucinda Literary

Lucinda Halpern

Connor Eck

Jackie Ashton

Lauren Bittrich

Roseanne Wells

Harold Schmidt Literary Agency

Doug Grad Literary Agency

Doug Grad

Ebeling and Associates

Michael Ebeling

Evan Marshall Agency

Evan Marshall

The Rudy Agency

Maryann Karinch

Vincent Depaul Lupiano

Handspun Literary Agency

Courtney Miller-Callihan

Ben Miller-Callihan

Cheyenne Faircloth

Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary

Italia Gandolfo

Renee C. Fountain

High Spot Literary Agency

Vicki Marsdon

Nadine Rubin Nathan

Catherine Wallace

Nina Leon

Fergus Inder

Candice Furhman Literary

Candice Furman

Daniel Bial Agency

Daniel J. Bial

L. Perkins Agency

Lori Perkins

Leon Husock

Maximilian Ximenez

Ben Grange

Hopkins Literary Associates

Pamela Hopkins

J de S Associates

Jacques de Spoelberch

Janis A. Donnaud

The Jeff Herman Agency

Jeff Herman

Belcastro Literary Agency

Sharon Belcastro

Ella Marie Shupe

Cortney Radocaj

Kaitlyn Katsoupis

Hannah VanVels Ausbury

Kortney Price

Amy Giuffrida

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