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July 3, 2023

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Gerard Jones

The Garamond Agency

Lisa Adams

David Miller

FinePrint Literary Management

Peter Rubie

Stephany Evans

Laura Wood

June Clark

Lauren Bieker

Zach Honey

Howard Morhaim Literary

Howard Morhaim

Kate McKean

Katie Menick

Brandi Bowles

Paul Lamb

Maria Ribas

DongWon Song

Kim-Mei Kirtland

Eric Showers

Movable Type Management

Adam Chromy

Cullen Stanley International

Cullen Stanley

Stephanie Koven

Heather Jackson Literary Agency

Heather Jackson

Janet Reid

Mark Falkin

Alison Fargis

Ellen Scordato

Judy Linden

Emmanuelle Morgen

Maria Ribas

Leila Campoli

Melissa Edwards

Adrienne Rosado

Kim Lindman

Maria B. Campbell Book Scouts

New York

Maria B. Campbell

Maggie Thompson

Leticia Vila-Sanjuan

Sara Vitale

Miriam Gordis

Hadley Ramsay

Em Pagano

Madi Tower

Francesca Pellas


Elizabeth Cochrane

Dagmar Gleditzsch

Stephanie Cross

Kai Spellmeier

Diletta Lobuono

Browne & Miller Literary

Danielle Egan-Miller

Scott Miller

Mariana Fisher

Joanna MacKenzie

Abby Saul

Leslie Shipman

Cassie Archdeacon

Annie Dewitt

Mike Levine

Katie McDonough

Cheyenne Paterson

Mary Alice Stewart

George Greenfield

Susanna Lea Associates

Susanna Lea

Kerry Glencourse

Julia Wagner

Mark Kessler

Therese Coen

Una McKeown

Susie Finlay

Leonard Anthony

Capucine Delattre

Carole Delmon

Sebastien Canot

Stephanie Cabot

Lauren Wendelken

Neyla Downs

Barbara Braun Associates

Barbara Braun

Ann Rittenberg Literary

Ann Rittenberg

Camille Goldin

Rosie Jonker

Maddy Adams

Gracie Rittenberg

Veritas Literary Agency

Katherine Boyle

Michael Carr

Chiara Rosati

The Spieler Agency

Joe Spieler

John Thornton

Victoria Shoemaker

Eric Myers

Susan Rabiner Literary Agency

Susan Rabiner

Sydelle Kramer

Holly Bemiss

Harvey Klinger, Inc.

Harvey Klinger

David Dunton

Andrea Somberg

Wendy Silbert Levinson

Rachel Ridout

Cate Hart

Jennifer Herrington

Analieze Cervantes

Susan Schulman Literary Agency

Susan Schulman

Einstein Literary Management

Susanna Einstein

Paloma Hernando

Thompson Literary Agency

Meg Thompson

Meg Thompson

Samantha Wekstein

Kiele Raymond

Tess Brown

Liza Dawson Associates

Liza Dawson

Caitlin Blasdell

Havis Dawson

Hannah Bowman

Caitie Flum

Joanne Fallert

Rachel Beck

Lynn Wu

Neon Literary

Anna Sproul-Latimer

Gabe Pettegrew

Kent D. Wolf

Robert Wilson

Malaga Baldi

Bruce Ostler

Alexis Williams

Kate Herzlin

Ken Melamed

Margi Rountree

Kate Bussert

Bonnie Davis

Taylor Tracy

Marcil-O'Farrell Literary

Denise Marcil

Anne Marie O'Farrell

Andrew Blauner Literary

Andrew Blauner

Loretta Barrett Books

(Vertical Ink Agency)

Nick Mullendore

Red Sofa Literary Agency

Dawn Frederick

Liz Rahn

Greyhaus Literary Agency

Scott Eagan

Nelson Literary Agency

Kristin Nelson

Brian Nelson

Angie Hodapp

Maria Heater

Joanna MacKenzie

Robin Straus Agency

Robin Straus

Bresnick Literary Agency

Paul Bresnick

Susan Duff

Wales Literary Agency

Elizabeth Wales

B.J. Robbins Literary Agency

B.J. Robbins

Ross Yoon Agency

Gail Ross

Howard Yoon

Jennifer Manguera

Dara Kaye

Shannon O'Neill

Jenna Land Free

Jennifer Weis

Ethan Bassoff

Judith Riven Literary Agent

Judith Riven

Vicky Bijur Literary Agency

Vicky Bijur

Trisha de Guzman

Alexandra Franklin

The Connell Agency

Stella Connell

Ricia Mainhardt Agency

Ricia Mainhardt

Charla Mustard-Foote

Margret McBride Literary Agency

Margaret McBride

Faye Atchison

Jody Rein Books

Jody Rein

Victoria Sanders & Associates

Victoria Sanders

Bernadette Baker-Baughman

MacGregor & Luedeke Literary

Chip MacGregor

Amanda Luedeke

Alina Mitchell

Elisa Saphier

Kate MacGregor

The Knight Agency

Deidre Knight

Nephele Tempest

Elaine Spencer

Judson Knight

Pamela Harty

Lucienne Diver

Melissa Jeglinski

Travis Pennington

Kristy Hunter

Janna Bonikowski

Angela Rinaldi Literary

Angela Rinaldi

Hardy, June & Moore

Tracy Brown Literary Agency

Tracy Brown

Franklin & Siegal Associates

Todd Siegal

Danny Yanez

Lauren Hogan

Nicole Thomas

Chloe Walker

Caroline Tew

Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency

Jennifer De Chiara

Marlo Berliner

Stephen Fraser

Marie Lamba

Tori Sharp

Kristopher O'Higgins

Sheree Bykofsky Associates

Sheree Bykofsky

Julia Livshin Literary Agency

Julia Livshin

Indent Literary Agency

Andrea Montejo

Paula Canal

Sinsheimer Literary

Max Sinsheimer

Spectrum Literary Agency

Eleanor Wood

Justin Bell

Stephanie Cardel

Lisa Hagan Literary

Lisa Hagan

Lynn Johnston Literary

Lynn Johnston

Mad Woman Literary Agency

Danielle Burby

Liza Royce Agency

Liza Fleissig

Ginger Harris-Dontzin

Lauren Galit

Barbara J. Zitwer Agency

Barbara J. Zitwer

Holloway Literary Agency

Nikki Terpilowski

The Loewenthal Company

Linda Lowenthal

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