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July 3, 2023

"On or before July 14, 2023" the host of my website is bagging it for lots of exquisite reasons. So am I. You can see the last 20 years or so here: (stick in the box).

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Gerard Jones

Fredrica S. Friedman & Co.

Fredrica Friedman

Leslie York

Solow Literary Enterprises

Bonnie Solow

The Unter Agency

Jennifer Unter

Jen Nadol

Golden Wheat Literary

Jessica Schmeidler

Nicole Payne

Sabrina Lundberg

Susan Nystoriak

McKinnon Literary

Tanya McKinnon

Carol Taylor

Ian Lendler

Devin McIntyre

Olivia Blumer

Marie Brown Associates

Marie Brown

Alex Field

Trinity McFadden

John Blase

Andrea Heinecke

Serendipity Literary Agency

Regina Brooks

Charles Kim

Christina Morgan

Triangle House Literary

Monika Woods

Renee Jarvis

Kima Jones

Becca Schuh

Odom Media Management

Monica Odom

Great River Literary

Mary Cummings

Holly Root

Taylor Haggerty

Molly O'Neill

Kurestin Armada

Samantha Fabien

Alyssa Maltese

Melanie Figueroa

LaunchBooks Literary Agency

David Fugate

Christopher Schelling

Stephen Hanselman

Julia Serebrinsky

Alex Glass Literary

Alex Glass

Melanie Rapoport

Karen Zahler

The Stringer Literary Agency

Marlene Stringer

Dana Newman Literary

Dana Newman

Mark Creative Management

Eileen Cope

Christopher Ferebee Agency

Christopher Ferebee

Angela Scheff

Jana Burson

Jonathan Merritt

CK Webber Associates

Carlisle Webber

Laura Langlie

Laura Langlie

New Leaf Literary & Media

Joanna Volpe

Suzie Townsend

Patrice Caldwell

Janna Morishima

Jordan Hill

Sarah Gerton

Jenniea Carter

Pouya Shahbazian

The Choate Agency

Mickey Choate

Laurel Choate

Mel Parker Books

Mel Parker

Sally Hill McMillan & Associates

Sally McMillan

The Rosenberg Group

Barbara Collins Rosenberg

Julia Lord Literary Management

Julia Lord

Ginger Curwen

The Lotts Agency

Chris Lotts

Lara Lea Allen

Liberty Roach

Linda Roghaar Literary Agency

Linda Roghaar

Cathy Hemming Literary Agency

Cathy Hemming

McGinniss Associates Literary Agency

James McGinnis

Barry Zucker

WordWise Media Services

Steven Hutson

Ruth Hutson

Dave Fessenden

Michelle S. Lazurek

Taryn Fagerness Agency

Taryn Fagerness

Langtons International Agency

Linda Langton

Andy Ross Literary Agency

Andy Ross

Albert Longden

Book Cents Literary Agency

Christine Witthohn

Fine Literary

Susan Finesman

Chris Tomasino

Ruth Vandevanter

Dupree Miller & Associates

Jan Miller

Ivonne Ortega

Nicki Miser

Nena Madonia

Lacy Lynch

Dabney Rice

Austin Miller

Shannon Marven

Ali Kominsky

Sydney Keith

BlueBridge Books

Jan Guerth

International Transactions

Peter Riva

Sandra Riva

WordServe Literary Group

Greg Johnson

Sarah Freese

Nick Harrison

Keely Boeving

Stimola Literary Studio

Allison Hellegers

Rosemary Stimola

Erica Rand Silverman

Adriana Stimola

Steve Laube Agency

Steve Laube

Bob Hostetler

Dan Balow

Tamela Hancock Murray

Laura Gross Literary

Laura Gross

Martin Literary Management

Sharlene Martin

Delia Berrigan Fakis

Lindsay Guzzardo

Thomas Hill

Kristen Terrette

Rick Lewis

Anthony Flacco

The Robert E. Shepard Agency

Robert Shepard

Cherry Weiner Literary Agency

Cherry Weiner

Literary Services Inc.

John Willig

Shane Bowlin

Jim Donovan Literary

Jim Donovan

Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke

Robert Thixton

Helen Zimmermann Literary

Helen Zimmermann

Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo

Elliott Brown, Esq.

Bradford Literary Agency

Laura Bradford

Katherine Wessbecher

Hannah Andrade

Rebecca Matte

Kaitlyn Sanchez

Jill Grosjean

Annie Bomke Literary Agency

Annie Bomke

Frances Black

Jennifer Mishler

Jordan Breindel

Signature Literary Agency

Ellen Pepus

Gary Heidt

Amy Tipton

Wolfson Literary Agency

Michelle Wolfson

Amy Stapp

Arthouse Literary

Latoya C. Smith

Felice Laverne

Shauna Turnmire

Maria Alcantara

Lane Clarke

Prentis Literary

Trodayne Northern

Leslie Varney

Autumn Frisse

Hartline Literary Agency

Joyce Hart

Diana Flegal

Jim Hart

Linda Glaz

Patricia Riddle-Gaddis

Cyle Young

Barbara Bova Literary Agency

Ken Bova

The August Agency


Cricket Pechstein

Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Amy Brewer

Erica Christensen

Jessica Reino

Katie Salvo

Caroline Trussell

Deirdre Mullane

Myers Literary Management

Eric Myers

Van Haitsma Literary

Sally van Haitsma

The Sara Camilli Agency

Sara Camilli

Stephen Camilli

Book Doctors

Gareth Cook

Alexis Washam

Kate Rodemann

Eli Mennerick



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